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We kindly ask our visitors to observe posted visiting hours.

9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Children under the age of 12: limited to 15 minutes visitation and must be accompanied by an adult

Father/Support Person: Unrestricted

Visiting hours for family and friends
11AM – 2PM and 4PM – 8PM.  

Visitation for those under age 12 will be limited to the newborn’s brothers and sisters.

No more than two visitors in the mother’s room at a time.
Visitors must ring a buzzer to request access to the Special Delivery Unit.  OB staff will have a phone to communicate and allow entry from anywhere on the unit and communication and access can also be activated from the OB desk.

Intensive Care Unit: Two visitors at a time
10AM – 1PM and 5PM – 8PM  and children under age 12 limited to 15 minutes visitation and must be accompanied by an adult

Emergency Department: One person may accompany a patient into ED. They may be asked to leave during exam or treatment based on patient needs.

In addition, visitors are requested to adhere to the following:

1. Please limit visitors to no more than two at a time.
2. Please observe the Hospital's "No Smoking" policy.
3. Visitors should not bring food or beverages without checking with the nursing staff to assure that they meet the patient’s dietary requirements.

Animal visitation is prohibited. Although in special situations, arrangements may be made with permission of the attending physician for an outside visit.