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Employer Services

Physical Exams
The following exams are performed according to federal regulation or company policy.

Post job offer physicals
• Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals
• Respiratory physicals
• Asbestosis exposure physical exams
• Fitness for duty exams
• Return to work physicals

Substance Abuse Testing
We perform both DOT and NonDOT urine drug and alcohol tests in accordance with federal regulations and company policies. Our staff is trained to perform collections and breath alcohol testing. Drug screen results are reported to employer representatives within 24-48hrs.

Medical Surveillance Testing
In accordance with OSHA guidelines, we perform a variety of laboratory studies and radiology studies to monitor employees for workplace exposures to hazardous substances. In addition we have staff trained to perform spirometry testing, respiratory fit testing and audiograms.

Vaccine Administration
We will administer adult immunizations as needed.